Angkor Recycled was established in 2007 by Sothea Yung, a local Cambodian woman. Not only is the production of these bags advantageous environmentally, it also benefits the local economy, giving jobs to many underprivileged individuals and providing compensation for recycled materials.

Each bag is unique. They are handmade in Cambodia using recycled rice, concrete, or fish food bags and then covered in PVC for added durability.

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        Cinch Bag

        White elephantRed elephantGreen tigerAngkor watKoi

        Student Bag

        Green tigerRed elephantAngkor watKoi

        Messenger Bag

        Angkor watRed elephantKoiGreen tiger

        Laptop Bag Pad

        Green tigerRed elephantAngkor watKoi


        Green tigerRed elephantAngkor watKoi


        KoiRed elephantGreen tigerAngkor wat